Year of the Fire Rooster–January 28, 2017

Year after year, Santa Cruz local Narrye Caldwell has made a name for herself with her annual Chinese Astrological analysis. We are happy to be able to offer her insights here for the first time.

Fire RoosterAll Chinese wisdom traditions, including medicine, divination, astrology, and feng shui, are systems of pattern identification that guide us in adapting gracefully to change. A world in flux is assumed; it is the one constant feature of life. Astrology is best viewed as a tool to discern where we are in the shifting cycles of time so we can adjust our expectations accordingly and therefore, from the Chinese point of view, cultivate longevity by not wasting our qi trying to swim against the current.

Last year’s current schooled us all in crisis management as the Fire Monkey’s erratic impulsiveness and dramatic flare produced an unprecedented bit of theater in American politics. Continue Reading


Hip Santa Cruz: the Film!

r_abraham_logos016 ralphlogos1Ralph Abraham gave a GREAT talk Thursday night at Logos. Speaking on a wide range of related topics—Santa Cruz in the 60’s, psychedelic use among computer programmers, a basic definition of chaos theory, his own travels from tenured Princeton professor to just-beginning UCSC—he entertained the audience for a good hour.

And if you can just kick yourself for not being there, you can now watch it here.

hipsantacruzAnd, if after watching it you want to pick up your own personal copy of the Hip Santa Cruz book, the catalyst for the talk and book-signing, use paypal button below to purchase.



Hip Santa Cruz & the Chaos Revolution: Ralph Abraham Book-signing

While it is most likely true that “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” it may also be true that those who do not even know the past may be condemned to a dimmer appreciation of their present lives.

Ralph Abraham has chronicled the early 60’s in Santa Cruz in his new book, Hip Santa Cruz and, while the characters, places and events might not all be familiar to us, their presence is still rich in our daily life here. Continue Reading


“The Fall of General Custard or The Overthrow of a Leftover” Book Signing – Saturday, August 13th

Join children’s book author Matt Damon at Logos on Saturday, August 13th at 10:00 am for a reading of his new book: The Fall of General Custard or The Overthrow of a Leftover.

This epic and tasty tale of war and peas in the “Fridge” is targeted for ages 5-10, but is really written as a true “everybody book”, guaranteed to leave all ages smiling with delight and feeling admiration for the edible heroines and heroes who save the day.