News this Week

Every week Logos employees collect the most interesting news bits from the book and music world.

Novelist and essayist Paul Hemphill dies at 73.

In Cornwall, England, people are bidding on Virginia Woolfe’s inspiration (and it sells for £80k), while authors band together to save T.S. Elliot’s.

Nick Cave reads from his new book The Death of Bunny Munro.

Residents of Forks, Washington are pleasantly overwhelmed with Twilight fans.

Os Mutantes streams a new song.

Harry Potter breaks midnight records with $22.2 million.

The Guardian UK hosts a Faber & Faber retrospective.

Barak Obama’s books Dreams from My Father and The Audacity of Hope are declared “potentially detrimental to national security” by a supermax prison in Colorado.

Andrew Lindstrom posts 45 beautifully designed book covers on his blog wellmedicated .

Roland A. Vierra is close to his childhood dream of owning a bookstore.

Quirk Books announced their next mash-up with a trailer.

The Guardian UK talks about the rise of dead authors, but not the zombie kind.

Publisher, editor, and co-founder of Locus, Charles N. Brown dies at 72.

Poet, critic, writer and reviewer, Naomi Lewis dies at 97.

The Dodos stream their album early in order to compete with an album leak.

Beck continues to release new music on his website.

Fans bid on becoming a character in Frederick Forsyth’s new book.

Author and Publisher Jane Weinberger dies at 91.

Walt Whitman inspires Levis.

Frank McCourt is very ill.

Michael Palin is writing a new novel. We expect it won’t be about the Spanish inquisition, but then again…

Harry Potter breaks the midnight record with $2.2 million.

Hong Kong becomes the epicenter for banned Chinese books.

Publishers take book clubs to YouTube.

Books and music collide

Mother of Canadian science fiction, Phyllis Gotlieb, dies at 83.

The Vatican falls for Harry Potter and Oscar Wilde.

The Guardian UK hosts a gallery of covers from the International Times.

Yann Martel sells his manuscript on the Holocaust to Spiegel & Grau for $3 million.

A former NASA researcher argues that science fiction books were critical to putting man on the Moon.

Animal Collective license the first legal Grateful Dead sample ever.

Dave Eggers continues to defend the importance of print.

Beck interviews Tom Waits.

An ode to literary escorts.