News this Week

Every week Logos employees collect the most interesting news bits from the book and music world.

Author and teacher Frank McCourt dies at 78.

Amazon reaches into Kindle bookshelves to erase purchased copies of 1984.

Game of Thrones will become an HBO show.

Indiebound updates their iPhone application.

Twitter book clubs begin.

Charlize Theron pushes negotiations to see Atlas Shrugged as a T.V. mini series, maybe.

Stolen Angels: The Kidnapped Girls of Uganda by Kathy Cook becomes Girl Soldier with Uma Thurman.

Eat, Pray, Love becomes a movie, and Gilbert’s ex plans to tell his side of the story.

English author Gordon Burn dies at 61.

Opium’s Literary Death Match begins in London (catch it in SF August 14th).

The New Yorker mentions two creative possibilities for e-readers.

Following the Justice Department’s lead, the European Commission begins to investigate the Google settlement for orphaned books.

Twilight will become a graphic novel.

The Guardian UK discusses the one that got away…

An interview with Children’s Laureate Michael Rosen.

Salman Rushdie recalls a dinner with Thomas Pynchon.

Zachary Gordon will star in the film adaptation of best selling childrens book Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Leonard Cohen announces another tour.

EMI and iTunes celebrate the 40th anniversary of David Bowie’s Space Oddity.

Justin Vernon of Bon Iver and Chris Rosenau will perform a live score for Charlie Chaplin’s The Gold Rush.

Adam Yauch announces he has cancer, the Beastie Boys cancel their tour during his treatment.

Jeff Mangum, Yo La Tengo, Will Oldham will participate in a Chris Knox covers album.

The trailer for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland has been released.

As a student, Walter Cronkite interviewed Gertrude Stein.

Author of 23 books of Greek and Latin literature maritime history, Lionel Casson, dies at 94.

British High Court rules that Google is not a publisher.

USA Today best seller lists will now include Kindle sales.