News This Week (8/2-8)

Every week Logos employees collect the most interesting news bits from the book and music world.

Sherman Alexie writes for the New Yorker.

President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, uses his influence to promote reading.

Twicon, the Twilight convention, sells out with 3,000 guests.

Bubbles, Michael Jackson’s pet chimp, will publish his memoirs.

Neil Gaiman predicts the end of our current vampire wave.

Modest Mouse releases their video directed by Heath Ledger (and it’s pretty gory, consider yourself warned).

Twilight books break the best seller records previously held by Harry Potter.

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid books by Jeff Kinney will become a film staring Steve Zahn.

Screen writer Budd Schulberg dies at 95.

Philippa Gregory, author of The Other Boylan Girl, plans to release a condensed version of her new novel with Twitter.

Two beautiful facsimiles of Edward Lear books are being published this week.

Salman Rushdie did not answer the call of the siren after all.

Stephenie Meyer is accused of plagiarism, Little Brown has dismissed the charge as “frivolous”.

Harper Collins launches a short story competition.

Terry Pratchett, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, defends his right to take his own life, saying “I live in hope I can jump before I am pushed”.

Tim Burton defends fairy tales.

Rumors fly about the voice in Thomas Pynchon’s book trailer for his new book Inherent Vice.

A new Tennyson museum opened this week to mark the bicentenary of his birth.

School vetting rules in the UK are still be debated after the author outcry.

Bob Dylan is recording a Christmas album.

Director John Hughes dies at 59.

Beastie Boy Adam Yauch is home after having a cancerous tumor removed.

Israeli writer Amos Kenan dies at 82.

Michael Pollan writes on Julie and Julia and the state of American home cooking.