The Shadow: The Man Who Murdered Time


This week for Books In Motion we bring you an episode of the old time radio show The Shadow: The Man Who Murdered Time.   The Shadow was a serialized radio drama starting in 1930 and continuing on into the 40s.  Since then, The Shadow has been featured in a wide variety of media, including comic books, comic strips, T.V. and film.   These stories, written by Walter B. Gibson under the pen-name Maxwell Grant, were originally published in Detective Story Magazine during the time of the serialization.  Gibson wrote 282 of the 325 stories over twenty years, including two novel length stories a month.  With an  occasional guest writer like Lester Dent, author of the Doc Savage series, and fantastic radio personalities like Orson Wells as a narrator, The Shadow quickly became one of the most popular pulp heroes of the 20th century.


The Man Who Murdered Time was originally broadcast on January 1st 1939, read by Bill Johnstone

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The Shadow: The Unseen Killer and The Golden Masks

Special thanks to the Old Time Radio archive for the recording.