Juliet, Naked: a Novel by Nick Hornby

julietnakedI can admit it. It’s been a long time since I’ve read a Nick Hornby novel.  Without really giving him a chance, I pigeonholed him into a “relationship book” category that was probably too hasty.  Indeed, Juliet, Naked is about a relationship; but that is just the platform for which an entirely different novel is placed.  Juliet, Naked explores the reclusive artist with a cult following, and the people who obsess over him.  With the news buzzing with people hiring forensic scientists to test voice samples of Thomas Pynchon, private letters being sold and revealed, and J. D. Salinger coming out of hiding only to block another tribute piece, I can’t help but wonder how much of it is just our way of expressing our love for an artists who doesn’t necessarily want it, or believe in it.  If you have found yourself, like me, ignoring Nick Hornby, thinking maybe he doesn’t really have something new to offer, I implore you: Check out Juliet, Naked, find your love for him again.  Just don’t stalk him once you remember how much you missed him.

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Juliet, Naked: A Novel
by Nick Hornby
Hardcover 416 pages


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