Weekly Picks (October 20)


Every week Logos employees come together to pick the books and music generating the most interest from their departments.

From the New Book Department

1. Chronic City by Jonathan Lethem

2. Eating the Dinosaur by Chuck Klosterman

3. The Wizard of Oz by Salman Rushdie

4. A Simple Heart by Gustave Flaubert

5. Been Doon So Long: A Randall Grahm Vintology by Randall Grahm and Hugh Johnson

From the Used Book Department

1. Trick Baby by Iceberg Slim

2. We Did Porn by Zak Smith

3. The Hound of the Baskervilles: A Sherlock Holmes Graphic Novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Ian Edginton, I.N.J. Cubard

4. Ouija Answer Book from Sterling Publishing

5. Cajun Music & Zydeco Photographs from Philip Gould by Philip Gould

From the Music Department

1. Fork in the Road from Neil Young

2. Garden of Joy from Maria Muldaur

3. Hillbilly Hero from Hank Williams

4. Knuckle Down from Ani DiFranco

5. Spirit Chaser from Dead Can Dance


Janina Larenas is the book buyer for the New Book Department. She is a printmaker and book artist who works with a variety of mediums to create narrative imagery. Her pieces range from stickers and posters to science illustration, embroidery to zines, often merging technical crafts with fine art presentation.