New in Fiber Arts

hattitudeOctober is shaping up as a fine month for new Fiber Crafts books.  With  Old Man Winter nipping at our heels,  now is a fine time to dust off the knitting needles, spinning wheels,  looms and crochet hooks.

Among the offering is Hattitude by Cathy Carson.  This truly is a paradise for hat knitters with 35 patterns suitable for every mood.  Each pattern is designed around an attitude such as “mysterious,” “lively,” “rebellious,” or “whimsical.”book of wool

For knitters who love knitting with wool, Clara Parkes’  Knitter’s Book of Wool is brimming with practical information about this wonderful fiber.   Parkes’ book covers all aspects of wool,  from the properties of fleece to the processing of raw wool to spin and knit.  Twenty wonderful knitting patterns are included and range from super soft garments to warm outerwear.

The last selection of the month is AwareKnits, by Vickie Howell and Adrienne Armstrong.  All of the patterns are designed with eco-friendly yarns and information about responsible manufacturing procedures,  yarn sources and energy consumption.

There are many other great in-store fiber books too numerous to mention,  so please stop by the store and check them out.

Available At Logos:

Hattitude by Cathy Carson $19.95

The Knitter’s Book Of Wool by Clara Parkes $30.00

AwareKnits by by Vickie Howell and Adrienne Armstrong $22.95