Watching Baseball Smarter

watching baseballWith the World Series starting today, I’d like to highlight an important and vital book related to the art of watching baseball. Now, the main grievance of those who don’t know any better is that baseball is boring.  But those who love baseball realize that there is much more going on in any inning – even in between every pitch – than the naysayers realize. Zack Hample’s Watching Baseball Smarter breaks it all down into digestible bites, explaining the basic rules concisely and clearly, and then delving deeper. The infield fly rule, the no doubles defense, he even manages to make the balk comprehensible. Hample obviously has a deep love for the game, and he writes about it with a warm humor and admiration for its little quirks. It’s a valuable reference guide and entertaining book for anyone who enjoys America’s favorite pastime.
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Watching Baseball Smarter
by Zack Hample