Jack Rose 1971-2009


Jack Rose by Laurent Orseau

This morning, an email went out from Three Lobed Recordings: Jack Rose, age 38, passed away this morning from a heart attack in his sleep.

sad news from three lobed recordings

Sorry for the random update, but Three Lobed Recordings is extremely
sad to pass along news that our dear friend Jack Rose passed away this
morning in Philadelphia at the age of 38.  This news is still fresh to
us and we’re still trying to process it.  Jack was a warm, caring
person and was always a pleasure to be around.  His larger than life
spirit will truly, truly be missed even moreso than his inspired
musical ability.  Our deepest sorrow goes out to his wife.

Rest in peace, Jack.


I didn’t know Jack Rose personally, but having lived in Philadelphia for over 6 years, he was in many ways a huge part of my experience there. He was a fixture in the folk and experimental music scene, deeply involved and motivated, a literal presence at nearly every show I attended, his warm personality always filling the room.  His music, intricate, innovative, and beautiful, was moving and sometimes heartbreaking. I saw him play as often as possible, always fresh and inspiring.  I can only imagine how deeply this is felt by  his friends, family and colleagues, since I feel so affected as only an observer.  My heart goes out to those who knew him.

Below is every performance I could find on YouTube, if you are unfamiliar with this remarkable man, now is the time.  Also, for this particular post we will leave comments open, in case anyone would like to share their experiences with him.


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  1. Thank you for compiling such a comprehensive collection of videos. It’s a fitting memorial to Jack, who will be missed very very much.

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