News This Week (February 20th)

Every week Logos employees collect the most interesting news bits from the book and music world…

Novelist Dick Francis dies at 89. His life in pictures.

Science Fiction author William Tenn dies at 89.

Jan Pieńkowski writes about the death of pop-up artist Waldo Hunt, 88.

Steve Jobs will help write a book on his life.

Iran blocks book fansite Goodreads.

Charles Dickens’s dog collar is up for auction.

Musical group Animal Collective will take over the Guggenheim.

Peaches’ one-woman performance of Jesus Christ Superstar is shut down.

Someone pays more than €5 million for Casanova’s journals.

On the awesomeness of Platonov.

The Guardian UK loves Bill Watterson too.

Poet Lucille Clifton dies at 73.

Garth Hallberg nominates David Eggers to edit the Paris Review.

10 classics shine as graphic novels.

James Cameron writes a prequel to Avatar.

Faulkner’s liquor legacy.

Best Translated Book Award Shortlist.

Read an excerpt from American Psycho.


Janina Larenas is the book buyer for the New Book Department. She is a printmaker and book artist who works with a variety of mediums to create narrative imagery. Her pieces range from stickers and posters to science illustration, embroidery to zines, often merging technical crafts with fine art presentation.