This One’s a Classic – Paul M. Davis

For this week’s books in motion we bring you a reading from Paul M. Davis. Paul lives in Chicago, but spent many of his formative years here in Santa Cruz. So many, in fact, that we still like to claim him as our own.

From his site:

Last night I performed a new short story, “This One’s A Classic”, for 2nd Story at Morseland in Rogers Park, with musical accompaniment by Elvis Bride. A hilarious tale of personal failure, about the ill-fated Mule Train Pacific Northwest tour of 2005, which ended in a Wal-Mart parking-lot in Yreka, CA. Due to technical difficulties with the video-camera, this was shot on an iPhone, so it’s not the best-quality video or sound but still comes across quite well. Enjoy!

(Note: the first line of my performance was cut off in this video; so just imagine me yelling “This One’s A Classic!” in boastful old man voice before watching.)

“This One’s a Classic” at 2nd Story – Morseland 4/28/10 from Paul M Davis on Vimeo.

Paul M Davis is a writer of articles, essays and fiction, a musician, and a web tinkerer based in Chicago, IL who is obsessed with the media, class and arcade-style video golf. His writing and other work can be found at


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