NEW IN FIBER: Sale Books and New Releases!

Vacations are here and what better time to take up a new hobby or skill.  There are several noteworthy fiber arts books new to the store and great for leisure time learning.

Knit Tricks by Rebecca Wat is out at a remainder price, $9.98, and is a book easy enough for beginning knitters and innovative enough for the more experienced.  Wat explains techniques for creating beautiful and elegant garments from simple rectangles and easy needle changes.

For all of you cable knitting fans Lily M. Chin’s new book, Power Cables, (Interweave Press) is a must have.  Chin shows you a new method for charting cables and how to add interesting texture and colors to a wide array of knitted garments.

More people than ever are hand spinning their own yarn for one of a kind knit creations.   Get Spun by Symeon North, (Interweave Press) is an irresistible smorgasbord of the techniques  needed to spin your own art-yarn.  This book will free your imagination and guide you in using a wide variety of traditional fibers and non-traditional fibers (fabric, plastic bags, etc.)  to create the yarn of your dreams.

Finally, for quilt lovers is Hobo Quilts by Debra G. Henniger (Krause Publications).  This book gives step-by-step instructions for the construction of unique quilts that use the hidden language and symbols of the depression-era hobo.   The quilts in this book have an understated and calm beauty that would compliment any home decor.