News This Week (September 24)

A collection of rare books were given back to the Justice Department.

What to read on jury duty.

Douglas Coupland coins some words and designs a monument.

Zadie Smith will write for Harpers.

10 Young Adult novels you won’t want to miss.

Jonathan Franzen talks about The Corrections.

A lost library is reassembled.

Virgin America will include e-books for its in-flight entertainment service.

2 of J.K. Rowling’s manuscripts will be on display at a bookstore.

Kate Winslet will do a mini-series of Jams M. Cain’s novel Mildred Pierce.

A Utah bookseller becomes the President’s guest.

On the potential of interactive fiction.

Women dominate the Dylan Thomas shortlist.

Dave Eggers and Marlon James win the Dayton Literary Peace Prize.

Tao Lin parodies Jonathan Franzen’s Time cover.

Andrew Marr’s latest book stops traffic.

The 2010 Pen Literary Awards.

Oregon’s overly broad obscenity laws are overturned.

Danielle Steel insists she doesn’t write romance novels.

Longtime Village Voice critic, Jill Johnston, dies at 81.


Janina Larenas is the book buyer for the New Book Department. She is a printmaker and book artist who works with a variety of mediums to create narrative imagery. Her pieces range from stickers and posters to science illustration, embroidery to zines, often merging technical crafts with fine art presentation.