Comic Books Based on Nintendo Games. Any Questions?

Today was another in a long line of regular reminders of why I love working at a used bookstore. Aside from being surrounded by co-workers that I’m constantly learning from and having fun with, there’s that glaringly obvious perk of being in a position to nab first dibs on cool stuff that comes through each day. Now I yap on and on about comics over at my other blog all the time (and video games based on them have been a staple of the industry forever), so when I come across a book that’s filled with strips based on a bunch of Nintendo characters, yeah…it nerds me out pretty hard.

“Best of.” Riiiight.

After spending nearly the last five years at this job, this is the first time I’ve ever laid eyes on “The Best of Nintendo Comics System” before. A hardcover collection of various stories that originally ran in an ongoing series that the now dead Valiant published waaay back in 1990. A good chunk of the more major NES properties are represented here: From Super Mario Bros to The Legend of Zelda or Metroid to Punch-Out!! Even Captain N: The Game Master and (oddly enough) the Game Boy handheld get some love.

Eh. Sure why not?

I have a vague memory of seeing these on the comic racks as a kid but never got into collecting them (Valiant books in general always reeked of being lame), so it’s kind of cool to thumb through this stuff now and take a look at what I passed on. In general, the stories aren’t especially well written (surprise, surprise) or even all that hot to look at, but as a novelty they’re decent entertainment (For my money, those old Howard and Nester comics from Nintendo Power are still the stuff to beat). I’d say that if you’re really that curious, you won’t be surprised to find out that these things go for dirt cheap on the old internet here but it might even be more fun to find a used book store or old comic shop near you to browse around. You never know what kind of surprises you might find.

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