Why Logos is not as busy as BestBuy on Black Friday and why that is OK

Look. What Logos employee would not thrill at the site of people lining up  to come in and buy from us on Black Friday?

Every year (well, actually, every day of every year) we gear up to offer the best possible items at the best possible prices. We weekly comb through hundreds of boxes and bags of used and rare material; dozens of websites offering remainders and sale-priced items; and catalogues of the best and the worst that publishers offer. We visit people’s homes and storage units to pick through their libraries; we attend trade shows to search out just that book that no one would ever expect to find in any store in Santa Cruz.

Still, when people roll out of bed on Friday morning, stuffed with too much stuffing, they are headed to the malls, or to their computers, seeking the top-of-the-list toy or device for the least amount of money. We get that, and even encourage it, because when those gifts are all bought we know that enough money will have been saved to make the trip to Logos and find those two or three or twenty items that will be unique.

We can just about guarantee that there’s something here for everyone on your list, something that will make them look up at you and ask, “Where did you find this? I can’t believe it!”

Whether your recipient is a fine artist (have you seen our art book wall?) or a martial artist (the most complete section around); a child of the 21st century (our children’s book section covers several aisles, displays and tables) or a child of the 60’s (where can you still find Ram Dass these days?); a lover of novels (yes, a REAL literature section!) or a lover of love (Erotica? Oui, we have erotica!); a cook (the most extensive cookbook library within many miles) or a cook (this duplication allows me to plug our $5-or-less-cookbooks…our most-requested section of the store).

And music? From classic rock to classic jazz and everything in-between, on CD and vinyl. You say you want DVDs? We’ve got DVDs.

Buy what you need to buy on Friday, then treat yourself to the treasures you can find at Logos. We get new stuff EVERY day of the year.

We might even be able to help you shop for that aunt you barely know (she crochets all the doilies for Thanksgiving, that’s all I know about her); that nephew you never met (his mother posts facebook photos of him with his favorite stuffed animal…a crocodile?); your sister for whom you have run out of ideas (got anything for people who love The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam?); your niece who is putting herself through law school and studies while watching Kung Fu movies; your grandmother who never gets tired of reminding you that there has “never been anyone like Sinatra”; or your mate who is putting the finishing touches on a Beat library that’s 40 years in the making.

We actually have it all. Try us!