News This Week (July 16th)

Google looks to make it’s own eReader.

Borders faces liquidation.

Charlene Harris is ending the Sookie Stackhouse series.

Read a poem from John Burnside.

A long lost book of tributes to Lord Byron is found.

An unfinished Jane Austen manuscript went up for auction this week, and sold for $1.6 million.

On the term “douchebag”.

J.K. Rowling cannot be bought.

See short films of Salman Rushdie’s Luka and the Fire of Life.

See Shakespeare’s contribution to English in a 10 minute sketch.

Right now is the worst time to pitch your book idea.

Read a David Sedaris essay on China.

David Bowie is the No. 1 target of the publishing industry.




Janina Larenas is the book buyer for the New Book Department. She is a printmaker and book artist who works with a variety of mediums to create narrative imagery. Her pieces range from stickers and posters to science illustration, embroidery to zines, often merging technical crafts with fine art presentation.