News This Week (January 14th)

Dave Eggers publishes a shower curtain.

See Samuel Beckett’s doodles.

The Picture of Dorian Greypoupon #bookproductplacement.

James Franco sells his novel to Amazon.

The world’s most expensive book (John James Audubon’s Birds of North America) goes up for auction.

A wine company begins publishing short stories on their bottles.

See The Joy Of Books, an stop-animation of a bookstore at night.

Finnegan’s List, a list of writers they wish were more widely translated is published.

Raymond Chandler spurns Alfred Hitchcock.

The history of the King James Bible.

Superstitious recipes.

The Nobel committee did not like Tolkien’s prose.

Check out a blog devoted entirely to old science books.




Janina Larenas is the book buyer for the New Book Department. She is the one time owner of Little Isobel, a small batch fruit preserve company based in Philadelphia, PA. She is well skilled in printmaking, book arts, and canning.