Folk and Blues From Mississippi Records…

Right now we have a large selection of new vinyl from Mississippi Records. For those of you not familiar with their compilations, they are exceptional, and the individual artists they choose to represent are never disappointing.

Abner Jay – True Story of Abner Jay
Compilation culled from Abners’ self released Lps & 7″s featuring hits such as “I’m so depressed”, “Cocaine”, “Vietnam,”& “The reason young people do drugs”. Abner Jay was a one man band singer/songwriter deserving of a wider listening audience than he received in his day. This is the first vinyl release of his material since the 1970’s.  Great soulful folk & R&B music.  LP includes a press photo of Abner, transcriptions of his spoken word pieces, a reproduction of an informative  pamphlet about Abner,& a press statement penned by Abner himself. Tip on jacket.

Abner Jay – Folk Song Stylist
Long awaited follow up to the “True Story of Abner Jay” LP.  Abner Jay was a man who had a grand sweeping vision of what folk music was.  In his lifetime his expression of what folk music could be encompassed  some serious stylistic variations.  Sometimes he was a one man band traveling troubadour playing an electric banjo, harmonica, & drums who tried to hoodwink audiences into believing that he was 150 years old & the standard bearer for authentic Americana.  Sometimes he played in electric straight up R&B bands such as “Koko Joe & the Jobhunters”.  Sometimes he claimed to be the “black Bob Dylan” strumming an acoustic guitar & singing socially conscious urban folk.  On this LP we find Abner in all of these modes & more. (He also does a pop song about a submarine disaster & a beautiful gospel song)
Culled from a mix of Abners’ 45’s & LPs spanning the period 1964 – 1973, including Abner’s first long lost LP, which we reproduced the cover image for this LP from. We hope that this release will help to further the current wave of understanding that Abner Jay is an important artist who deserves a wider audience than he ever  received during his lifetime. Comes with a self promotional pamphlet penned by Abner & a color photo of Abner.  Housed in an old school tip on sleeve.  We are very proud to get this incredibly hard to find material out into the world.

Georgia Sea Island Singers – Join the Band
The latest in our series featuring music from the Alan Lomax archives. The Georgia Sea Island Singers were a vocal group of unparalled depth.  Some beautiful sorrowfull accapella songs, some raucious stompin’ & shoutin’ sessions &  even a couple tracks accompanied by a drum & fife band along with a banjo player.  Altogether a nice mix of material recorded in the homes & churches of this small community by Alan Lomax between 1959 & 1962.  This LP features 3 never before released tracks, an insert with liner notes by Nathan Salsburg & photographs & its all housed in an old school “tip on” sleeve.

Fred McDowell – The Alan Lomax Recordings LP
The first ever recordings of Fred McDowell!  Recorded by Alan Lomax in 1959.  The first vinyl release dedicated entirely to this phenomenal recording session.  12 songs that highlight the depth of his repetoire – from droning & hypnotic versions of songs that later became blues standards such as “Shake Em On Down” & “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl”  to his deeply felt renditions of spirituals like “Keep Your Lamp Trimmed & Burning” .  Accompanied at times by some amazing hair comb playing & beautiful backup vocals.  Comes in an old school “tip on” sleeve with liner notes by Nathan Salsburg. A co-release with our friends Domino Sound. The stuff of dreams.

Marisa Anderson – Golden hour LP

Portland guitar wizard Marisa Anderson”s long awaited solo guitar record. Marisa has been a fixture on many a music scene for years & years playing with everyone from the Evolutionary Jass Band to Tara Jane O’Neil to The Dolly Ranchers.  In any context, she can’t escape her rag/blues/folk roots no matter how hard she tries.  On this LP featuring only guitar – no vocals & no overdubs – we are treated to a very intimate sounding home recording filled with delicate grace.  Comparisons to John Fahey & his ilk who do their  hoodoo mystical rewrite of folk music is bound to occur, but close listening reveals a very original & yet truly rooted in the old style record that we hope will stand the test of time nicely.

Michael Hurley – Blue Hills LP
New recordings by Michael. On this LP we find Hurley stretching out on six longer than usual compositions that are heartbreaking & beautiful as anything he’s ever done.  Side one features Hurley on a creaky pump organ.  Side two starts out with two newer compositions – just Michael on guitar & vocals. The record ends with a stunning version of Tea Song (which Michael originally wrote & recorded way back in 1963). A sustained feeling of loss & need for redemption haunts this record.

Michael Hurley – Hi Fi Snock Uptown
Reissue of Hurley’s 3rd lp. Originally recorded in 1972, this record finds Hurley exploring the full range of his stylistic canon and features some of his most loved songs such as “Water Train”, “The Twilight Zone”, “Eyes,eyes” and “Blue Driver”.  Michael Hurley is one of our favourite songwriters of all time and we are very proud to present this first ever vinyl reissue of “Hi-Fi Snock”. Remastered from the original tapes.

V/A – What Remains Of Eden LP
Compilation of  Anatolian & Levantine 78’s recorded between 1928 & 1952. From the region now Turkey, Syria, Lebanon & Egypt.  Beautiful classical solo improvisations, folk songs & ensemble rockers – all never reissued before on LP.  Compiled by Ian Nagoski.  Extensive liner notes featuring a meditation on the supposed site of the Garden of Eden, details on the artists & photos.  A co-release with Canary records.

V/A – Time Will Make A Change LP (& Bonus 7″)
Heavy compilation of hard to find Gospel 7″s. A meditation on mortality & the meaning of life.  Side A features some fairly lo-fi but intense & emotional performances.  Side B gets even more lo-fi, but also a  bit more rocking.   Mostly guitar based ensembles & solo performers with the occasional sparse organ & drums.  Artists include Mira Jean Clark, Rev. R Henderson, the Whirlwinds, Ike Gordon, Bishop McDaniels & many more.  Comes with a bonus 7″ featuring the amazing Ethel Proffit on guitar & vocals performing “Death is not the end” & “Life is a battle”!  One of our best compilations ever & not for the faint of heart. Old school “tip on” cover.


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