Signed Copies of New Martial Arts book: Learning Bagua Zhang

Learning Bagua Zhang: The Martial Art of Change by Ted Mancuso at Plum PublicationsOne of Logos’ areas of specialty is our Martial Arts section, partly due to our association with Ted Mancuso, an internationally recognized local teacher of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts. So we are particularly happy to announce that we have signed copies of his newest book, Learning Bagua Zhang: The Martial Art of Change.

Years of study and teaching have gone into this extensively photographed companion to his best-selling DVD on Bagua (also available at Logos.) Using narrative instruction, Sifu Mancuso presents a complete course for anyone wanting to learn or deepen their Bagua practice.

Bagua is considered by many to be the last authentic traditional martial art to come out of China (it was formalized early in the 19th century by Dong Hai Chuan.) Although not as well known as Tai Chi, it also shares many attributes: it partakes of Classical Chinese philosophical associations–in this case, with the I Ching; it is both a martial art, which means that it has real and practical usage, but it is also a style that contains tremendous health benefits; and it contains enough depth and breadth to be studied over a lifetime.

At this writing, there are signed copies available, so if you are interested in getting one, visit the store or you can order here.
Learning Bagua Zhang Book:

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