African Guitar Box Set From Mississippi Records

Almost a month ago we got this incredible vinyl compilation from Mississippi Records up in Portland, Oregon. The compilation was so popular we sold out before they even reached our store! But, as luck would have it we were able to get more (only 5 more, and we are already down to 3!). The compilation consists of a 5 record sampling of guitar music from Africa ranging from electric pop, to stony jams to more traditional sounding regional music. Many of the songs originally featured on the Love is Love compilation (no long out of print) are reissued in this incredible compilation. To make it even more remarkable, they only made 200, and the packaging is a hand built box made from wood salvaged from the original Mississippi Records shop. Check out the description from Mississippi Records:

This is a NEW vinyl box-set of African guitar music from Mississippi Records. Following is their description of this unique package: 5 LP box set of classic African guitar based music recorded between 1951 & 1970. Mostly solo performances with guitar & vocals. The first disc features classic acoustic guitar music from all over the African disporia, with an emphasis on Congolese & Kenyan artists. The second disc has all electric guitar performances with minimal accompaniment on percussion – nothing remotely funk based. The third disc features a mix of acoustic & electric performances. Disc four presents more challenging compositional music on acoustic guitar than found on the previous 3 discs – not easy listening by any means, but very rewarding. The final disc is the most sublime & peaceful acoustic guitar & vocal performances you could ever imagine! Collectors beware – much of this material has been reissued before, albeit not since the early 1980s in very hard to find compilation LPs. The records are housed in a beautiful heavy duty hand made box with a sliding lid on the side. Each box is unique & rugged in it’s own way. The wood used to manufacture the box is all salvaged from the old Mississippi Record store location. The cover is a 2 color silk screen on high quality textured paper, carefully glued to each box. A real labor of love. One time edition only; pressing of 200 copies!

You can pick up a copy of this beautiful compilation in our store, or through our NEW self run website.


African Guitar Box Set
Various Artists
Mississippi Records

Track Listing:

Jean Bosco Mwenda –Massanga (ICongo)

Francis MwaKitme* –           Sikepa Inongwa Mukaye (Tanzania)

George Kazoka –Ulayinda Kubota (Zambia)

W. John Ondolo –Kerena (Kenya)

Mbasela Kunda & William Munyanda –Nina Namusonda Sanguweji (Zambia)

Elijah Ismael –Jumbe Nipeleke Kwetu (Kenya)

Losta Abelo – Maneno Ya Mwanyuma (Zaire)

Losta Abelo – Bulayo (Zaire)

W. John Ondolo –Tumshukuru Mungu (Kenya)

William Siwale & Friends –Nashe ‘Nsapato Nashiseka Nsuno Chalo? (Zambia)

Morris Kalala –A Desayo (Congo)

Unidentified* –Chemirocha (Kenya)

Billy Mbowa* w. AGS Boys, The –Jane Wange (Uganda)

Kawaliwa & Mary w. AGS Boys, The –Fumbira Abaana (Uganda)

Moses Katazza & Frida Sonko w. Equator Sound –Nona Ente Yo (Uganda)

Eli Wamala & Band –Hamadi (Uganda)

Charles* & Frida Sonko w. Orch. Melo Success –Nawuluranga (Uganda)

Orch. African Jazz* –Mokozi Ya Mboka (Zaire)

Depiano w. Orch. Beguen Band* –Christina (Zaire)

Peter Tsotsi & Nashil Pichen –Mulofwa Mmoja (Kenya)

Jim Lasco –Wanajiita Sisi Wahuni (Kenya)

Isaya Mwinamo –UkosefuWa Kazi (Kenya)

S.E Rogie* –Please Go Easy With Me (Sierra Leone)

S.E Rogie* –Twist Wiith The Morningstars (Sierra Leone)

S.E Rogie* –A Time In My Life (Sierra Leone)

S.E Rogie* –Easy Baby (Sierra Leone)

John Oriem & Brothers –Tereranga (Nandi) (Kenya)

Kabushi & Mwenya –            Mwe Baiyashi Centeleni (Zambia)

Cisenga, Cungu & Musonda –Castle Beer (Zambia)

Edouard Masengo / Bernard Mwale –Hata Unacheza (Kenya)

Joseph Ndalo & Daniel Katuga –Nikuelezeje? (Kenya)

John Ester & William Fadhili* –MwanamaliWa Maridadi (Kenya)

Daniel Katuga –Ewe Nyota Zuhura (Kenya

William Osale* –Vijana Niambie (Kenya)

Jean Bosco Mwenda –Mama Na Mwana (Congo)

Patrice Ilunga & Victor Misomba –Mama Josephina (Congo)

Kaseba Anatole –Muleka Mwene Ngoie (Congo)

Francis Macharia –Wanjuri Wanjuri (Kenya)

M. Makhuvele –Ugandzibyeli Akuxonga (Mozambique)

Abdul Karim el Kably –Husenek Fa Masher (Sudan)

Unknown* –Kru Song (Liberia)

Unknown* –Mandigo Song (Liberia)

Isaac Matafwani & Sunkutu –EkoBali Mukanina Bamayo (Zambia)

Soki Nambi & Chola Piana –Bonne Annee (Zaire)

Mbasela Kunda & William Munyanda –Iuwale-o-iuwale (Zambia)

Francis Bebey –Le Chant D’ibadan



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