Pacifica Radio Archives: A Living History – Voices of Courage and Dissent [32-Disc Set]


LOVERS OF RADIO, THIS IS FOR YOU!  This is a VERY RARE 32-Disc set from the Pacifica Radio Archives and contains the following disc sets: “From The Vault: An Audio Tour” (3 discs), “Pacifica Causes” (6 discs), “Rosenberg Case Revisited” (2 discs), “Surviving In A Post-9/11 World” (3 discs), “Conspiracies & Controversies” (3 discs), “Civil Liberties” (3 discs). “How The Political Right Took Power In The United States,” “Cornel West: Visions of Empire” (3 discs), “Voices of Pacifica – Defining Black Power” (3 discs), “Voices of Pacifica – Malcolm X” (3 discs), “The Souls of Black Folk” (2 discs). The discs come housed and black plastic/metal case with a shoulder-strap attached.  Check it out here.