Harry Smith – Anthology of American Folk Music [Box Set]


We always eagerly anticipate new releases from Mississippi Records, and this box set of Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music is amazing.  Here’s a word on this set, which comes housed in a special wooden slipcase, from the good folks at Mississippi Records:

“Mississippi Records is proud to present a reproduction of the Anthology Of American Folk Music as it originally was released in 1952…In the gatefold there is a pouch with a reproduction of the original liner notes. The vinyl is 200 Gram. We have gone to great lengths to reproduce the LPs just as they originally were designed by Harry Smith. All the materials and mastering are as top notch as possible. Its hard to even begin to talk about the significance of these 8 LPs. Harry Smith created an alternate version of American culture with these sets that influenced just about everyone who heard them. I would dare say that these records changed American society more than any others ever released. Bob Dylan and Carl Sagan both agree its the greatest record ever made. The Mississippi labels entire ethos is based on them. As mythic and powerful as art can get. Just like every house needs a door, every record collection must have this set. That’s my opinion and it’s true.”

This box set is an extremely limited edition of 100, but we have two in stock, so take a look!  SOLD OUT!!!