Reckless – Cornelia Funke

For this week’s books in motion we bring you some clips on Cornelia Funke’s new book, Reckless. For fans, like me, of the Inkheart trilogy it’s seemed like ages to wait for a new novel from Cornelia Funke, and I have to admit I was beginning to wonder if she had abandoned Young Adult Fiction for her children’s mini-series. But, HOORAY! This is not the case! Reckless, is finally here! It tells the story of two brother’s and their adventure on the other side of a magic mirror that transports them into world seeped in fairytales and folklore. The story brings back the darkness so often lost in contemporary fairytales that hearkens back to Grimm brothers, sometimes making them even more frightening than the originals. Journey with Jacob and William Reckless as get stuck in a war between Man and Goyl (stone men) in a story about the love between brothers and true romance, and check out the video clips below.

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By Cornelia Funke

Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins

Last week the last installment of The Hunger Games, Mockingjay, came out and sold over 450,000 copies. For those of you not familiar with the Young Adult series, the games is a distopian series told from the perspective of a 16-year-old girl who is chosen to participate in government enforced game to the death. Beautifully written, suspenseful, and impossible to put down, this series has taken both the Young Adult and the Adult literary world by storm.  Check out these interviews and trailers, and pick up your copies ASAP!

Hunger Games

Catching Fire


The Master Key, an Electrical Fairy Tale Founded Upon the Mysteries of Electricity – L. Frank Baum

Every once in a while I look around places like Project Gutenberg aimlessly hoping to find something new and exciting. Working in a bookstore you can sometimes feel like you’ve seen everything out there (even though you know deep down that is impossible). Well, last week was one of those times, and BOY how I was surprised and excited by this find!! There is even a demon of electricity!!

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