Hip Santa Cruz: the Film!

r_abraham_logos016 ralphlogos1Ralph Abraham gave a GREAT talk Thursday night at Logos. Speaking on a wide range of related topics—Santa Cruz in the 60’s, psychedelic use among computer programmers, a basic definition of chaos theory, his own travels from tenured Princeton professor to just-beginning UCSC—he entertained the audience for a good hour.

And if you can just kick yourself for not being there, you can now watch it here.

hipsantacruzAnd, if after watching it you want to pick up your own personal copy of the Hip Santa Cruz book, the catalyst for the talk and book-signing, use paypal button below to purchase.


A GREAT Book for Handspinners Young and Old | The Spinner’s Book of Yarn Design

Sarah Anderson’s “The Spinner’s Book of Yarn Design” is a beautiful and informative book.  The cover photo of artfully displayed natural white handspun yarns tantalizes the reader to open the book and explore further. I have been a handspinner for over 30 years and rarely have I seen a book with clearer instructions.  As a visual learner I particularly appreciated the step by step photos of the yarns in progress as well as the matching photo of the finished yarn. The book is layed in progressive sections, starting with a good introduction to the basics of handspinning.  This section covers such topics as choosing and washing raw fleece, hand and drum carding, blending color, determining yarn twist, and using wool combs for worsted spinning. After the Basics chapter Ms. Anderson moves instructions for several individual type yarns.  She covers Spinning Singles for Plying, Stand Alone Singles, Spiral Yarns, Opposing Plies, Boucles, Cable Yarns, Crepe Yarns and finally, Novelty Yarns. And, there is a wonderful bonus to this book.  On the back inside cover an envelope is attached that contains 64 reference cards with photos for each yarn and technique covered in the book.  These cards fit handily into your spinning take along bag or basket.  They are great when questions arise in the field and it is inconvenient to carry a bulky book. This is a great text for both the beginner and advanced handspinner.  I highly recommend “The Spinner’s Book of Yarn Designs.”

News This Week (July 16th)

Google looks to make it’s own eReader.

Borders faces liquidation.

Charlene Harris is ending the Sookie Stackhouse series.

Read a poem from John Burnside.

A long lost book of tributes to Lord Byron is found.

An unfinished Jane Austen manuscript went up for auction this week, and sold for $1.6 million.

On the term “douchebag”.

J.K. Rowling cannot be bought.

See short films of Salman Rushdie’s Luka and the Fire of Life.

See Shakespeare’s contribution to English in a 10 minute sketch.

Right now is the worst time to pitch your book idea.

Read a David Sedaris essay on China.

David Bowie is the No. 1 target of the publishing industry.



New Cometbus In Stock! (#54)

It’s been a while since Logos has carried Cometbus, but here it is! Just in time for the new edition, Cometbus #54 In China With Greenday. This latest edition compares choices he and his friends made in the 90’s, the way they viewed those choices then, and how they view them now. It is a fascinating conversation between the elegance and virtue of DIY culture and the difficulties of sustaining that lifestyle.

For those of you who have never read Cometbus before, let share this beautiful quote from Wikipedia which sums up my feelings quite well:

Cometbus captured a slice of life in Oakland and Berkeley, California from the late 1980s through the 1990s. This includes squatting, collective living, falling in love and other perils of the punk rock lifestyle. His writing is characterized by stories of loneliness and alienation, tempered with episodes of brightness and perennial hope in the ability of humans to connect to one another.

Now Available at Logos:
Cometbus #54 In China With Greenday
By Aaron Cometbus

4 Excellent Cookbooks from Norton

I have to admit that as an avid food enthusiast and food writer I have a surprising lack of interest in owning cookbooks. I love to look through them for ideas, but I often find it more fulfilling to create a recipe than to follow one. However, this is not the case with an armful  of books that Norton has published over the past year.

My Calabria: Rustic Family Cooking from Italy’s Undiscovered South is an amazing book filled with incredible recipes and methods for making your own… well, everything. Using family recipes and methods, Rosetta Constantino illustrates how to collect and dry your own herbs, make your own preserved meats, dry your own fruits and vegetables, make cheese and bread, hand roll pasta and infuse your own liqueurs. All this alongside delightful  dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and appetizers. Each recipe is steeped in Calabrian tradition and beautifully presented with photographs by Sarah Remington and commentary written with Janet Fletcher. I guarantee you that even the cook who thinks they can make everything will have a million things to learn from this book. $35.00

The Perfect Finish: Special Desserts For Every Occasion is written by pastry chef Bill Yosses and New York Times food writer Melissa Clark. This is my favorite cookbook this season. I lack a lot of confidence in baking, mostly because I am not a huge fan of sweets so I rarely look for a reason make cakes or cookies etc. The few things I love to make tend to be a little salty or caramelized. Well, this is an entire book of recipes like that. Every single page has something remarkable and delicious on it. This is not a cookbook filled sugary sweets you expect to find in most pastry shops, this is a cookbook filled with deserts you expect to find at a high end restaurant, or indeed, the White House where Yosses is the current pastry chef. The combination of beautiful and amazing recipes and Melissa Clark’s easy to follow writing makes this an absolute gem. Particularly his recipe for making flat, chewy, chocolate chip cookies, a recipe I have since made dozens of times and been told by everyone who tries them that they are the best cookies they have ever had. $35.00

Speaking of the New York Times, this year Amanda Hesser recently released the Essential New York Times Cook Book: Classic Recipes for a New Century, a book she tested over 1,400 recipes to write. Collected from recipes printed in the New York Times over the last 150 years, this book has everything. I mean literally everything. Cocktails, snacks, soups salads, whole sections on potatoes, corn and legumes, 3 sections on different types of meat, breakfast and brunch, bread, baking, frozen deserts, sandwiches, savory pies, and that is less than half the list in the contents. It’s as if the New York Times decided to do a celebrity version of the Joy of Cooking, with recipes from favorite food writers like Julia Child, Mark Bittman & Jamie Oliver. Each recipe was hand picked her after surveying devoted New York Times readers for their favorite recipes, an absolute must have for any food lover. $40.00

Jim Lahey’s recipe for no kneed bread remains my favorite bread of all time. It is something I still make on a weekly basis, even after 4 years. My Bread is an expansion on the recipe he released to the New York Times years ago, covering a wide variety of grains and variations for everything from crusty loaf bread to pizzas to foccacia, and an entire section on sandwiches. I cannot recommend this book enough. For any bread lover, even those with an acute fear of baking, this recipe is hands down the best. $29.95

The Best Small Gift Books

This year there is no need to fill someone’s stocking with toothpaste and gum! No need to fill the extra space in the box with impulse items you picked up in the checkout line! This year, fill the tiny spaces with tiny, thoughtful, artistic books!

Below is our guide to the best small books available at Logos:

Postcard Books:

Beautiful postcard books from James Jean, Mark Ryden, Camilla d’Errico, and Yoshitomo Nara. Each set $9.95, or $12.95 for the oversized Mark Ryden cards.

Small Art Books:

Rift, by James Jean is a small accordion style book with paintings on one side and the pencil drawings on the other, a mini version of his Process Recess art books, for $12.95.

Hundertwasser: Complete Graphic Work 1951-1976 is a pocket sized collection of stunning full color images for $24.95.

Yoshitomo Nara’s Animus is a beautiful, small pop-up book and short story for $25.00.

Ed Rouscha’s Los Angeles by Alex Schwartz is a collection of 4 essays exploring the influence of Los Angeles on pop culture and, therefore, Los Angeles artists. A pocket sized hardcover for $29.95.

Tim Biskup’s The Jackson 500 Volume 3 is a small square volume of color reproductions of his paintings for $14.95.

Small Poetry Volumes:

Pocket sized poetry books from Rainer Maria Rilke, Pablo Neruda, Vladimir Mayakovsky, and Kenneth Rexroth, all between $10 and $11!

Pocket Sized Literary Books:

Everything and Nothing by Jorge Luis Borges $9.95

Shoplifting from American Apparel by Tao lin $13.00

The Novelist’s Lexicon: Writers on Words That Define Their Work $16.95

The Red Notebook: True Stories by Paul Auster $10.95

Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk: A Modest Beastiary by David Sedaris with Illustrations by Ian Falconer $21.99

This Is Water: Some Thoughts, Delivered on a Significant Occasion, about Living a Compassionate Life by David Foster Wallace $14.99

101 Things To Know About Stuff:

The 101 Things I Learned series are short, important lessons intended to help the novice or enthusiast in their field. Nicely bound in hardcover boards, these books are $15.00 (except architecture, which is $12.95)

Penguin Great Ideas Series:

We carry a wide variety of the Penguin Great Ideas, from George Orwell’s essay Why I Write to Darwin’s On Natural Selection. Each book is embossed to look like an old letterpress edition, with beautifully designed covers. $10.00

Oxford’s A Very Short Introduction Series:

Logos is carrying a collection of Oxford’s A Very Short Introduction series on topics such as Jung, Marx, Foucault, Kierkegaard, Nothing, Quantum Theory, Poststructuralism, Postmodernism, Modernism, Modern Art, and many more! At $11.95 each, these small books contain excellent thoughtful insights for the novice (or enthusiast) philosopher.

33 1/3 Essay Series:

The 33 1/3 essay series is one of the best gifts you can give a music lover. Written on specific albums or songs by other musicians, these essays are more or less love songs to some of the most influential music of the past 50 years. $12.95 each

2011 Slingshot Planners are here!

2011 Slingshot planners are here! Slingshot is a quarterly, independent, radical, newspaper published in the East Bay since 1988 by the Slingshot Collective. Their fantastic planners come in two sizes, a small, perfect bound, pocket size for $6.00 and a larger spiral bound notebook for $12.00. And if that wasn’t awesome enough, check out the amazing colors they come in!

Raging Granny Pink

Orange you gonna take the streets

Red and Black

Don’t be Blue, organize!

Green Capitalist Scum

Code Pink

Smash the pumpkin state!

Food Not Lawns

Beet it

Legal Observer

The banks Blue it

Black Bloc


Compost happens

Kombucha baby

Bourgeois Blues

Under the pavement, a beach

Stop peeing in the drinking water!

Reckless – Cornelia Funke

For this week’s books in motion we bring you some clips on Cornelia Funke’s new book, Reckless. For fans, like me, of the Inkheart trilogy it’s seemed like ages to wait for a new novel from Cornelia Funke, and I have to admit I was beginning to wonder if she had abandoned Young Adult Fiction for her children’s mini-series. But, HOORAY! This is not the case! Reckless, is finally here! It tells the story of two brother’s and their adventure on the other side of a magic mirror that transports them into world seeped in fairytales and folklore. The story brings back the darkness so often lost in contemporary fairytales that hearkens back to Grimm brothers, sometimes making them even more frightening than the originals. Journey with Jacob and William Reckless as get stuck in a war between Man and Goyl (stone men) in a story about the love between brothers and true romance, and check out the video clips below.

Now Available At Logos!
By Cornelia Funke