Hip Santa Cruz & the Chaos Revolution: Ralph Abraham Book-signing

While it is most likely true that “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” it may also be true that those who do not even know the past may be condemned to a dimmer appreciation of their present lives.

Ralph Abraham has chronicled the early 60’s in Santa Cruz in his new book, Hip Santa Cruz and, while the characters, places and events might not all be familiar to us, their presence is still rich in our daily life here. Come hear this great man talk a bit about what came before, and leave with a slightly new perspective on Santa Cruz today.


California Bookstore Day – May 3, 2014


California Bookstore Day is nearly upon us! Join us tomorrow and pick up some of the great books available exclusively for this bookstore celebration! Below is a list of some of the items we’ll have on-hand.

“Bookstories” – Nine Writers, Nine Bookstore-ish Places, One Tall Book

“Sleeper & The Spindle” by Neil Gaiman – Short story gift edition from the collection Rags & Bones

“5 California Authors Box Set: Hollywood” – Charles Bukowski, John Fante, Elmore Leonard, Amistead Maupin

“Congratulations By The Way” by George Saunders – Signed and numbered, limited to 1,200 copies

“Depressed. Repressed. Obsessed.” – 3-Panel Book Reviews by Lisa Brown Forward by Moe Willems, Limited Edition of 650, Signed and Numbered by Lisa Brown

“Do You Smell Carrots Joke Book”

“Recipes From Michael Pollan’s Kitchen” – super cool Bamboo box with a package of recipes inside

*customers are limited to 2 of each item, per person, for the first day, to make sure as many people get a chance to participate as possible. All items go on sale in-store starting tomorrow, and items can be purchased over the phone or off our website beginning on June 3rd.

The Brooklyn Dodgers: The Original America’s Team [Special 2-Disc 50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition]


This 2-disc FACTORY SEALED documentary on the old-school Brooklyn Dodgers is perfect for the New Yorker on your holiday list.  It’s a complete history of “the original America’s team.”  Take