Alice in Wonderland: Through the Eyes of 30 Illustrators

Alice in Wonderland has been flying off the shelf lately, particularly this edition which features 152 pages filled with color illustrations from 30 illustrators.  Compiled by one of my favorite children’s book illustrators, Cooper Edens, who has one of the largest collections of vintage picture books in the world.

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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: A Classic Illustrated Edition
$14.99 Paperback
Compiled By Cooper Edens

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – Seth Grahame-Smith

Out now is Seth Grahame-Smith’s new novel, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter! Graham-Smith is the author of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, which quickly picked up a cult following leading to a tedious series from Quirk books (Quirk Classics, by Steve Hockensmith and Ben H. Winters).  His new novel breaks away from the mash-up genre and follows more in the footsteps of World War Z.  In fact, early staff reviews are already reporting that his writing is as good, if not better, than Max Brooks’.

Watch the trailer below!

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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Seth Grahame-Smith


We love YOU Bill Watterson

We really do. We can admit it. We aren’t the anti-pop-culture book snobs so many booksellers are. We can identify with the funny section of the paper, instead of flipping straight to the literary magazine inserts!  So, this Valentine week, for Books in Motion, we remember Calvin and Hobbes, and announce our undying love for Bill.

Read the first interview with Bill Watterson in 21 years, 15 years after the end of his strip.

Werner Herzog Reads Curious George

For this week’s books in motion we bring you film director Werner Herzog reading Curious George.  Seen through the eyes of Herzog, Curious George becomes a dark and deeply poetic social commentary; you’ll never read this to your kids in the same way again…

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Lucia, Luis and the Wolf

tituloFor this week’s Books In Motion we bring you a short stop-animation from Cristóbal León Dooner, Joaquín Cociña, and Niles Atallah. Niles worked at Logos years ago, and has since moved to Chile where he has become a documentary film maker and translator.  His documentary film Memoria Desierta, about the Pinochet era prison camp in Chacabuco, Chile, was screened at the Desert Nights International Film Festival in Rome, Italy. During his time in Santa Cruz, he filmed a documentary on local bluesman Robert Lowry, Journey South.

Lucia is a short film made in 2007 and was recently used in a video installation called Lucia, Luis and the Wolf.  Here is what the Diluvio Gallery has to say about the installation:

Lucía, Luis y el lobo (Lucia, Luis and the Wolf) is a video installation in “Sala Cero” on the 2nd floor of Galería Animal (Animal Gallery) in Santiago, Chile.  The exhibition is made up of the short films Lucía and Luis that are projected on a wall in the gallery as well as a series of other short animations shown on small screens in a pile of dirt and furniture. The exhibition closes the first stage of an animation project formed by Atallah, Cociña and León. The next stage will be a feature film called La casa lobo (The Wolf House), preparations for the film will start later this year.

So, without further ado…. Lucia and Luis:




A few weeks ago Stacie discovered this amazing book trailer for ABC3D. Yesterday, we found a copy in the store and played with it for a while and decided to feature it for this week’s books in motion:

The Little Prince Deluxe Pop-Up

Coming next week to Logos is the Deluxe Pop-up version of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince! Here at Logos we are SUPER EXCITED about this book, and can’t wait to see it! So excited, in fact, that we looked up the book trailer for the title.  So for this week’s books in motion, we bring The Little Prince, Deluxe Pop-Up:

On the Implications of Stitches

stitchesSeveral months ago I met with a representative from the Norton group who strongly encouraged me to pick up a copy of Stitches: A Memoir by David Small.  I had kind of forgotten about the book until it arrived and I put it on the shelf. It is a remarkable book.  Written and illustrated by David Small, a childrens author and illustrator, it is an autobiographical graphic novel: a comic book.  The implications of such a title didn’t hit me.  Recently we have made a movement in our store to give better real estate and advertising to our Graphic Novel section, under the belief that the old stigma of the “comic book geek” has died, that more and more known literary figures are delving into the genre, that hollywood has begun to take an intensive and serious interest, and that it has truly hit the mainstream–but not just the mainstream, it has hit the intellectual.  Over the years, people who might have scoffed at someone reading a comic book have found their favorite authors immersed in the genre:  Michael Chabon, Neil Gaiman, Joyce Carol Oates, Paul Auster. More and more people are discovering the depth that and brilliance that comic books can give to narrative tale.  There is no longer a reason to banish them to the basement, hide them under the bed, or fear the comic book guy.  People display them proudly on their home book shelves next to copies of Ulysses or A Remembrance of Things Past, as we display them proudly next to our literature section.  But this is still the bookshelf of the younger generation.  With the introduction of Stitches, as well as Logicomix (a graphic novel about Bertrand Russell, mathematics, and the intellectual demons), this genre is quickly bursting open to new groups of people: older intellectuals, librarians, teachers.  These books are making waves throughout the literary scene, shocking the New York Times, and exposing a skeptical group of people to the depth and intensity that a graphic novel can embody. Talking with a fella from Diamond Distribution last week, he told me “I don’t think Norton understands the importance of putting out a book like this”. What he further explained, is that  Stitches is starting to reach educators, radically changing their ideas about the potential of graphic novels to help children understand complex themes, as well as beginning readings.  The fact that it is published by Norton gives it instant literary credibility; and once readers see that a graphic novel is not the same as “the funny pages”, an entire new world opens up before them.  This book is beautifully illustrated, eloquently narrated, intense, dark, and playful.  It is groundbreaking.

So, without further ado… For this week’s books in motion we bring you 5 scenes from David Small’s new book: Stitches: A Memoir

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Stiches: A Memoir
By David Small

Molecular Gastronomy by Hervé This

For this week’s books in motion we bring you quick clip from Hervé This’ Molecular Gastronomy to Culinary Constructivism.  In his previous book, Molecular Gastronomy: Exploring the Science of Flavor, This explores the science behind the functions and interactions of food.  This is not a book about how to make aromas or foam, but a book for understanding the science of food.  Truly, these are books for the food geek that just wants to know it all (like me!)


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Molecular Gastronomy
by Hervé This

Paul Auster Interview

For this week’s Books in Motion we bring you an interview with Paul Auster from Granta Magazine, and a reading from Authors@Google. Paul Auster’s new book, Invisible, will be available October 27; in the meantime, you can find The Red Notebook and many other books at Logos in the Literature aisle, or check his author page at Macmillan for more interviews, readings, and clips.

Neil Gaiman Trailers

This week for Book in Motion we bring you our favorite book trailers from Neil Gaiman:
Blueberry Girl


On his website you can watch Neil Gaiman reading each chapter of his young adult novel The Graveyard Book.

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Fragile Things (read by Neil Gaiman) $10.98

Coraline $6.99

Check back in October for Neil Gaiman’s new young adult novel Odd and the Frost Giants, illustrated by Bret Helquist.

Xerox Candy Bar: Animated

This week for books in motion we bring you a short animated film of Richard Brautigan’s poem Xerox Candy Bar from his book The Pill Versus the Springhill Mine Disaster.

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Trout Fishing in America with The Pill Versus the Springhill Mine Disaster and In Watermelon Sugar $15.95

Revenge of the Lawn with The Abortion and So the Wind Won’t Blow It all Away $16.00

A Confederate General From Big Sur with Dreaming of Babylon and The Hawkline Monster $17.95

The Shadow: The Man Who Murdered Time


This week for Books In Motion we bring you an episode of the old time radio show The Shadow: The Man Who Murdered Time.   The Shadow was a serialized radio drama starting in 1930 and continuing on into the 40s.  Since then, The Shadow has been featured in a wide variety of media, including comic books, comic strips, T.V. and film.   These stories, written by Walter B. Gibson under the pen-name Maxwell Grant, were originally published in Detective Story Magazine during the time of the serialization.  Gibson wrote 282 of the 325 stories over twenty years, including two novel length stories a month.  With an  occasional guest writer like Lester Dent, author of the Doc Savage series, and fantastic radio personalities like Orson Wells as a narrator, The Shadow quickly became one of the most popular pulp heroes of the 20th century.


The Man Who Murdered Time was originally broadcast on January 1st 1939, read by Bill Johnstone

You can find the popular Maxwell Grant books of The Shadow at Logos for $6.98 while supplies last. Titles include:

The Shadow: The Murder Master and the Hydra

The Shadow: The Fate Joss and the Golden Pagoda

The Shadow: City of Crime plus Shadow Over Alcatraz

The Shadow: The Shadow Unmasks plus The Yellow Band

The Shadow: The Unseen Killer and The Golden Masks

Special thanks to the Old Time Radio archive for the recording.