Community Involvement

By its very nature a used bookstore is part of the community surrounding it.  Logos works hard to give you cash for your books, cash that goes immediately back into the community, and to provide books that educate and enrich community minds.  But the nature of the bookstore is not always enough, so there are a few things Logos does to further its community involvement.

Downtown Dollars
Logos participates in the City of Santa Cruz program for Downtown Dollars. Downtown dollars are gift certificates intended to be spent only at Santa Cruz business locations.

Summer Reading Program
Through the Santa Cruz Public Library children can get the library version of downtown dollars to spend at our store by joining the Summer Reading Program. Up to three dollars per child.

Summer Reading Lists
Are you a teacher? Give us your summer reading lists in advance and we will try to keep used copies of the books in stock for your students!

Charity Donations
We donate boxes of books every week to several different senior centers, recovery centers, Hope Services, and Friends of the Library.

School Donations
Logos often donates classics, kids books, and young adult books to school libraries and teachers around the county.

Recycled Packing Supplies
Moving? Give us a call! Every week we collect peanuts and bubble wrap we get from books shipped to us.  Sometimes we save them for things we need to ship, but we almost always have leftovers! If you give us enough time, we could save you whatever you need (first come first serve of course!)

Employment Opportunities
We have to be honest. It’s pretty rare that we lose a staff member. The Logos work force is as much a family as it is a community.  If you are looking to work at Logos, the best thing you can do is fill out our survey and drop it off with a thoughtful, professional resume. You never know, we might have something for you!