How We Buy

FIRSTwe WANT to buy your books and music. 85% of our huge selection comes from people like you. To make this easiest and most profitable for both of us it helps to know the following:

Our Selection Process: We buy books, records, cds and DVDs based on condition, demand and our current stock.

What We Pay: Logos has a reputation for paying top prices. Our pay structure can be broken down the following way:


  • Paperbacks (Trade): clean, quality (not mass market) = up to 30% in cash or 50% in trade (of the cover price).
  • Paperbacks  (Mass Market): = up to 20% in cash or 40% in trade (of the cover price)
  • Hardcovers: individual offers (based on desirability, collectibility, condition and edition)
  • Rare and collectible:  special offers made for special items. We do a lot of research and will offer a price commensurate with the value of the item. We are NOT the type of store that will pay you a dollar and turn around to sell your book for a thousand. Our feeling has always been that if we pay the best prices, we’ll get the best books.

Music and DVDs: As a rule Logos pays the highest prices in the area for music and DVDs. We make individual offers on all records, CDs, cassettes and DVDs. Rare and collectible music is given special consideration. Here, too, we have built our excellent collection on a policy of paying the best prices.

Buying Hours and the RULES!:

Logos is required to see a valid, picture ID in order to buy from any individual.

Examples Include:

  • Passport
  • State Issued driver’s license
  • DMV issued California ID
  • Military ID
  • Local Student Card

Examples of INVALID ID:

  • Check cashing card
  • Health Spa card
  • Jail release card
  • Santa Cruz Metro Card
  • A PICTURE of a Picture ID

The Appointment Part!
We buy seven (7) days a week, starting at ten in the morning (10:00 am) every day. We buy all day on a first come basis; however our buying schedule fills up early and we strongly recommend that you call ahead to set up an appointment. There is an excellent chance that we will not be able to accept your material without an appointment…so many people sell books and music to us every day (and for good reason: we pay fairly!) This is the best way to insure that we will be able to take in your items that day, or another day of your choosing.

When you bring in your items to sell, we will give you a time estimate as to when we will have an offer for you. Because we look at each item individually, it is NOT an immediate process. We finish the majority of buys in the same day, and will most likely ask you to return a few minutes to a few hours later. The more stuff you bring, and the higher the quality, the longer it may take. This is a GOOD thing! That means we take your material seriously, and are not just coming up with offers that have nothing to do with the quality, selling price,  or potential collectibility of your stuff. You’d be surprised. Not all used bookstores are the same.

Please call (831 427-5100, then hit the number ‘6’ when the message comes on, to make the appointment. You can try us without one, but please don’t be disappointed if we turn you away for another day. Honestly, it’s not our fault…we run out of time and space. We really do want to see your stuff! So make an appointment. It’s easy!