Writing in Books, and “The Most Beautiful Eulogy Ever Written”

Title page and frontispiece


It can – and does – happen, dealing in books every day, that a gem may pass through one’s hands without being recognized. A wonderful book, especially an older book, may not necessarily call much attention to itself. Damaged paper wrappers, stains, foxed and badly-cut pages, faded gilding, loose hinges and sun-damaged spines; all these and more can not only reduce a book’s value, but also conceal what it might contain from the less-than-vigilant browser. But many of the most special books we at Logos see are in this, or a similar, condition.

Nowadays books are packaged, like anything else, to appeal to particular demographic markets. To my eye, they are often flashy, with gimmicky graphic design strategies and supermarket-tabloid colors and arrangements. Like anything else, sometimes this marketing turns out okay and sometimes it’s dreadful, even intolerable. Maybe that seems to be putting it a bit strongly, but books are very important to me, and I tend to take it personally when I see the essential dignity of books being undermined (and the intelligence of their readers being insulted) by cheap but dazzling visual flapdoodle. I admit that I judge books by their covers without shame, and did so even before it was part of my job. With newer books, I believe there is little or no risk involved in this kind of snap judgment; these books announce, unsolicited, what they’re all about, who they are and aren’t for, and, in my opinion, whether or not they are worth your time. With older books, it’s a bit different; they hide in plain sight rather than drawing attention. Even at their most extravagant they often exhibit a dignified reserve; satisfied, it seems, to rest their reputation on their contents rather than their appearance alone, however luxurious. This is how a gem may pass through ones hands without being recognized and given its due. Continue Reading



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