Alice in Wonderland: Through the Eyes of 30 Illustrators

Alice in Wonderland has been flying off the shelf lately, particularly this edition which features 152 pages filled with color illustrations from 30 illustrators.  Compiled by one of my favorite children’s book illustrators, Cooper Edens, who has one of the largest collections of vintage picture books in the world.

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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: A Classic Illustrated Edition
$14.99 Paperback
Compiled By Cooper Edens

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – Lewis Carroll

With the onset of Tim Burton’s film Alice, people seem to be flocking to our store looking for beautiful old illustrated versions of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. As a used bookstore, sometimes we can’t always provide the cool old books we would like to. We can only sell you what people sell us. What we can do, is provide you with a nice alternative.  Below you will find the first ever film version of Alice in Wonderland and digital copy of the first edition of Lewis Carroll and John Tenniel’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. You can read this online, or download it as a PDF.

Download the video here or watch it below.

Download the PDF here or read it below.