The Devil Makes Three on Daytrotter

For this week’s Public Domain hour we bring you some delightful and FREE music from our friends The Devil Makes Three! This week Daytrotter posted the sessions with The Devil Makes Three, something I have personally been waiting for for a long time. Daytrotter is a studio based in Illinois that records musicians as they pass through the area. The Daytrotter recordings are made with minimal mic’ing, through discrete preamps and with some limiting to the mixing console, where they are printed to 1/4” analog tape running at 15 inches per second (usually BASF 468). The analog master is later transferred to a computer, converted to MP3, uploaded and made available to you for nominal fee of FREE!

Chances are if you are a local Santa Cruz resident, you already know who The Devil Makes Three is… But just in case you’ve missed them over the years, here is a little bit about them! Pete Bernhard, Cooper McBean, and Lucia Torino are The Devil Makes Three, a punk-bluegrass group formed in Santa Cruz, California. The three of them are originally from the east coast, primarily hailing from Vermont. Pete moved west right out of high school with Cooper soon following suit. After first settling Olympia, Washington and playing in an ill-fated band, McBean – who by now had the name of his home state tattooed across his neck – again joined musical forces with Bernhard. In turn, they later teamed with New Hampshire-native and U.C. Santa Cruz attendee Lucia. Since then they have taken the West Coast, especially the Bay Area by storm. You can catch them in Santa Cruz usually twice a year at the Catalyst, or in various other music venues as they tour with their other projects: Pete Bernhard (solo) and Elders.

Okay, so it’s not really public domain, but it IS free!