New Arrivals: Civil War History, Eastern Philosophy, Martial Arts

battle sceneOver the last week, Logos has aquired some amazing new USED books for our Civil War History section, our Eastern Philosophy section, and our Martial Arts section. In fact, we have SO many Civil War books right now that we have created an extended section to the left of the stairs on the basement level.  Our new arrivals in Eastern Philosophy came from a practicing yogi and philosopher’s library, and include a large number of rare books on Tibetan Buddhism and theosophy. Be among the first to see these books on our new arrivals cart and in their sections!

Got Energy?

Blossoms in the Spring

Here’s an open secret: Logos is often one of the first places to display the work of local authors and publishers. For instance, Blossoms in the Spring: A Perfect Method of Qigong, is a collaborative effort between two locals: Narrye Caldwell, Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioner and Ted Mancuso, author and martial arts instructor. They both teach the art of Qigong and wanted to create a starting point for people really interested in this health and meditation practice.

Right now Qigong (chee-gung) is exploding on the scene with over fifty MILLION practitioners in Asia and millions more starting here in the West. But Qigong instruction, according to Ted, who has more than 40 years teaching martial arts, is not always top quality. “Sometimes it doesn’t actually make any sense. It can be misleading, promising super-human powers to people.” The truth about Qigong, according to him, is much simpler and more interesting. “Qigong allows you to view your own body, your own personal energy in a completely new way”.

Narrye Caldwell, an acupuncturist and instructor at Five Branches College, also teaches Qigong to aspiring Chinese-style doctors. “This lets people who are studying Chinese medicine actually feel Qi, one of the requirements of good doctoring in this field.”

The nice thing about the Blossoms in the Spring  Qigong is that it is not only faithful to the classical principles of Chinese Taoist Energetics but also simple to learn. This book should appeal to beginners wanting an easy entrance to Qigong, health practitioners in general wanting an additional discipline, teachers developing an energetics-based curriculum, and acupuncturists wanting to expand client services. It offers detailed instruction (with a handy arrangement of the photos so you always know where your are); sections on philosophy and basics; a large bibliography; excellent photography (from a member of the Logos staff); and more.

Ted and Narrye have  also scheduled a series of Blossoms in the Spring seminars for people who want the aid of a teacher. “These will be inexpensive three hours sessions in which you can learn the entire Blossoms and use the book as a reference.”

Blossoms in the Spring is from Plum Publications, a local martial arts/qigong publishing and distribution company. Their previous titles have become recognized classics in the field: Spring and Autumn of Chinese Martial Arts (by one of China’s top martial historians) and Lone Sword Against a Cold, Cold Sky by world famous instructor, Adam Hsu; both are available in Logos’ extensive martial arts collection. Blossoms in the Spring can be found near the front desk and in our Qigong section downstairs.

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Blossoms in the Spring
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