Ticketing Requirements and Basic Information

Thank you again for contacting us regarding your event.

Logos Books and Records appreciates the opportunity to serve and support the arts in our unique community. One of the many ways we do this is by providing promoters a place to sell their tickets.

We have developed a series of requirements for ticket sales, not as a punitive measure but simply to streamline the general process. We have many store employees, most of whom will handle and sell the tickets to your event. We have found over the years that our requirements not only lessen room for error on our end, but are helpful and beneficial to all parties involved. Below is some information necessary to this process.


Ticket Formatting

We strongly prefer that the tickets are no greater than 2.5″ wide X 6″ tall (5.5″ works even better!) We file the tickets in chronological order and oversize tickets are difficult for us to store. If you have already printed your tickets or determined their size, oversize tickets are not necessarily a deal-breaker; please let us know in the notes section of our contact form if this is the case with your tickets.

Tickets must be clearly numbered in sequential order. The stack of tickets does not have to start at #1, but the tickets themselves must be delivered in sequential numerical order, without breaks.

If you have tickets retailing at different prices (eg. Adult/Senior/Child), we must have a separate numbered stack of tickets for the different retail prices. Our clerks do not have the ability to modify or edit ticket prices. If you want us to sell tickets at different prices, you will have to make the differentiation and provide us with separate stacks for each price.

Logos’s Responsibility and Charges

Logos is responsible for all tickets once they are in our hands. If a ticket is lost or mistakenly given out, we will compensate you for this. This makes the initial ticket count and numbering crucial, so as to be able to rectify any gaps before the tickets go on sale.

Once we receive the tickets, assume 2-3 days before they are available for sale, so as to give us time to enter them into our system. Please keep this in mind for advertising and event dates.

Logos will add your event to our ticket board, which is visible to customers at the front desk. Additionally, should you choose to provide promotional materials, we can post a small flyer for your event and place some small handbills at our Community Flyer Area.

On the day of the event, we can release to you any remaining unsold tickets for sale at the door. If you do not make arrangements, however, we might not be able to release them, as a security measure. Do call in advance before coming to pick them up.

We attach a non-refundable $1.75 service charge to every ticket sold. Please consider including this information in your advertising. By the way; in the event of show cancellation, that service charge will be refunded.


The Fine Print

Ticket payout is by check, approximately one to three business days following the event. Please let us know to whom the check should be made payable. We can mail the check or make it available for pickup. If you choose to retrieve the check in person at our store, it will be placed in the “Customer Pickup” mail slot at the Buy Desk. If we have not called you, please do call our store to confirm that the check is ready before coming down to retrieve it.

All ticket requests are subject to management approval. We try our hardest to give you an answer within 24-48 hours, but it may take up to 72 hours. We apologize for this; sometimes our scheduling befuddles this type of communication.

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